Ukraine: foreign investments in the food industry increased in 5.2 times compared with investments in agriculture — Institute of Agrarian Economics




In 2019, the indicator of foreign investment promotion in the food industry of Ukraine totaled 2.844 bln USD, an increase of more than 5.2 times compared with investments in the agricultural industry — 542 mln USD, declared the Doctor of Economics, the Head of the department of innovations, inventory and logistics support at the National Scientific Center “Institute of Agrarian Economics”, Oleksandr Zakharchuk, within frames of the online workshop "Development of the elevator industry in crisis terms".

According to him, foreign investments in the processing industry of Ukraine were growing in more rapid rates. After all, in 2010 the difference between foreign investments in the food industry and agricultural segment was less than three times — 1.977 bln USD and 720 mln USD, respectively. But last year, the figures reached a new record for the recent decade.

In 2019, Cyprus became the main country-investor in the Ukrainian agriculture — 211.4 mln USD, with the share of 39%. The reason for the fact is that Cyprus is the offshore zone, and funds from the country are just returned to Ukraine. Denmark (51.3 mln USD, the share of 9.5%), Poland (44.6 mln USD, 8.2%), the Netherlands (33.5 mln USD, 6.2%), and Germany (31.3 mln USD, 5.8%) provided significantly less investment volumes.

First of all, the funds were used for development of the crop-producing industry (58.4%) and cattle-breeding industry (31.6%), as well as for supporting activities in agriculture and post-harvest events (7.8%), mixed farming (1.5%), etc., the expert said.