Since the beginning of the new season, Russia decreased the exports of grains and oilseeds — Centre for Grain Quality Assurance




According to regional divisions of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor), since the beginning of the season-2019/20 (July 1), and as of July 23, Russia already exported 1.8 mln tonnes of wheat (including movements to the territory of the Customs Union countries), down 30% compared with the same period last season, reported the Federal State-Funded Institution "Federal Centre of Quality and Safety Assurance for Grain and Grain products" on July 25.

Also, in the reporting period Russia exported 491 thsd tonnes of barley (down 5% compared with the same period in 2018/19 MY), 160 thsd tonnes of corn (down 25%), 54 thsd tonnes of peas (up 3%), 28 thsd tonnes of chickpeas (up 5 times), 20 thsd tonnes of wheat flour (up 47%), and 30 thsd tonnes of wheat bran (down 44%).

In addition, Russia demonstrated the high shipment rates of oilseeds and its by-products. Thus, since the beginning of the season the exports of soybeans tripled — 81 thsd tonnes, sunflower meal — up 4 times, to 74 thsd tonnes, and sunflower seed — up 6 times, to 19 thsd tonnes.

Generally, in the reporting period Russia supplied 2.8 mln tonnes of grains, oilseeds and its by-products on foreign markets, down 21% (or 741 thsd tonnes) compared with the same period last season.

Russia shipped the reporting goods to 86 countries, as opposed to 100 countries as of June 23, 2018.