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Results of the grain season-2013/14 in Ukraine - past, present and future

Ukraine is one of the world major grain producers, and in the current season the country firmly entrench itself among the leaders of grain exports. On the one hand, the situation is caused by favorable agro-climatic conditions for cultivation of most grains, and by the growing export potential of the grain market of Ukraine in terms of fairly stable domestic consumption, on the other hand. For example, during ten recent years the share of exported grains from the general grain production increased from 27% in 2004/05 MY to 52% in 2013/14 MY. At the same time, the index for maize market reaches 66%. Such situation allows concluding the export orientation of the Ukrainian grain market, while in 2013 the country produced 63 mln tonnes of grains, and exported 32.5 mln tonnes.

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