"ASIA Fruit&Veg Conference in Uzbekistan-2022", Uzbekistan, Tashkent
Feb 24, 2022

Fruit-Inform, in partnership with Inter Standart Consult, Uzbekistan, and Expo Time, Kazakhstan, announce the start of registration in the first-ever fruit and vegetable market conference for Central Asian business professionals ASIAFruit&Veg Conference in Uzbekistan-2022, which is to take place in the sunny city of Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, on February 24-25, 2022.

The event is expected to become a unique meeting place for the Central Asian fruit and vegetable business audience and will include:

    • two-day conference sessions with presentations by leading local and international sector experts on February 24-25, 2022;
    • B2B meetings between Uzbekistani fruit and vegetable exporters and buyers from Russia, Ukraine, the EU and beyond on February 24, 2022;
    • business-tours to GDF Agriholding: fruit and vegetable shock freezing and drying facilities, fresh fruit and vegetable handling and storage facilities (February 25, 2022)


Why Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan, the country of eastern bazaars, picturesque valleys, ancient cities and about 2,500-year heritage, is a crown jewel of the Central Asian fruit and vegetable business:

    • Uzbekistan has almost perfect climate conditions for growing a variety of high-quality fruits and vegetables of amazing flavor almost all year round and is already among the world’s top exporters!
    • In 2020, Uzbekistan was the second largest exporter of fresh apricots in the world, ranked 3rd and 4th in the global list of exporters of dried apricots and fresh persimmons, respectively, and took the fifth place in the global ranking of exporters of fresh cherries, peaches and nectarines. The country also was among top 10 largest exporters of fresh onions, melons, quinces, plums, as well as dried prunes and raisins. The group of top 15 largest exporters of fresh tomatoes, brassica crops, carrots, grapes and watermelons also included Uzbekistan in 2020.
    • Although the majority of Uzbekistani fruits and vegetables is still sourced by Russia, the country has already started diversifying its export and had a successful experience in shipping its premium-quality products to buyers from as far as the EU, the Middle East, as well as the Far East (China, South Korea).
    • Uzbekistan is the most economically and socially stable country in the Central Asia and provides wide state support for suppliers, traders, growers and investors.
    • Nevertheless, in addition to being a doubly landlocked country, the Uzbekistani fruit and vegetable business still faces quite a few serious challenges and is in high need of state-of-the-art solutions in fresh produce logistics, post-harvest and pre-sale handling, packaging and processing.


Key conference audience, altogether 300+ delegates:

    • 60% – growers and processors of fruits, berries and vegetables from Uzbekistan and neighboring countries;
    • 30% – buyers and traders from Russia, Ukraine, the EU and beyond;
    • 10% – input and equipment suppliers, financial, consulting, legal organizations, sectoral associations, policy makers etc.

Conference sessions will focus on:

    • Uzbekistan’s regional and global fruit and vegetable market opportunities
    • Top 10 currently most promising market and investment niches for Uzbekistan
    • Uzbekistani export of fresh produce and processed products. Russia vs EU vs Middle East vs Far East
    • Production intensification via state-of-the-art produce handling, packing and storage technologies
    • State support of Uzbekistani agribusiness, and why does the country outstand its neighbors so much?
    • Collaboration and cooperation as an integral factor for successful export
    • Development of the market for processed produce with the use of state-of-the-art technologies: freezing, freeze drying, drying
    • Active retail development as reflection of the economic growth etc.

Key organizational moments:

    • Conference and B2B meetings working languages: Russian and English
    • Special registration conditions for growers from Uzbekistan and other Central Asian countries
    • Special participation conditions for buyers for B2B meetings with local suppliers of fresh and processed fruits and vegetables
    • Additional discounts for large delegations (7 representatives and more)
    • Special conditions for Fruit-Inform’s subscribers
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