"ASIA GRAINS&OILS FORUM 2020", Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Sep 15, 2020

International conference «Asia Grains&Oils Conference in Tashkent 2020» to be postponed due to coronavirus spread

Organizational committee of «Asia Grains&Oils Conference in Tashkent 2020» postpones the event to protect lives and health of participants (currently 140 countries confirmed coronavirus cases) as WTO declared coronavirus COVID-19 as pandemic and Uzbekistan government decided to close air and road traffic since March 16 due to coronavirus spread.

New date of the conference will be announced lately, when the situation stabilize.

We have no doubts that the participants of the conference will bear with the decision and will attend the event under more favorable conditions.

We advise you to cancel hotel and fly reservations immediately.

We do our best to remain conference and round tables programs unchanged or even make them better as new dates could attract new speakers with great presentations.

We will keep you posted.


Most forthcoming event of the Silk Road region!


Asia Grains&Oils Conference in Tashkent 2020 is the first international event in the Uzbekistan, covering the interests of both grain and oilseed businesses.

Why did we choose Uzbekistan?

  • The continuing economic transformation and market reforms by the government of Uzbekistan contribute to the further development of the country's agricultural sector and improvement of the investment climate

  • Investors from Europe, China, Russia and other countries increased their attention to cooperation with Uzbekistan, and realization of new projects in the agricultural sector, trading and logistics

  • Cooperation of the World Bank with the government of Uzbekistan in the sphere of modernization of the sanitary and phytosanitary measures, regional trade and logistics, contributes to strengthening of the export potential of all Central Asian countries

  • Uzbekistan takes the third position in the rating of the global importers of flour. The country is actively developing the domestic grain processing industry, as well as the government provides the systemic support to the industry

  • Uzbekistan is the largest buyer of oilseed products in the Asian region, therefore the country is actively developing its own fat-and-oil industry. According to the Association "Uzyogmoysanoat", in Uzbekistan there are 80 enterprises producing vegetable oils, which by 2021 plan to jointly increase the production of vegetable oils to 367 thsd tonnes, as opposed to 280 thsd tonnes in 2018

  • In order to stimulate the further modernization of production facilities and improve the quality of local products, Uzbekistan started entering into cooperation with international partners

  • The country is involved in several large-scale logistics projects. Thus, Uzbekistan, China and Tajikistan plan to launch a new transport corridor via Termez-Dushanbe-Kashgar, which will contribute to activation of the cargo traffic by motor vehicles from China to Central Asia countries, as well as in the opposite direction. In addition, development of the reporting route will form another alternative route for supplying of goods from Uzbekistan through the Chinese ports for the exports to other countries

  • To date, the authorities realize works on rising of digital technologies in the agricultural industry, within frames of the concept of "Smart agriculture"

All above mentioned factors form the small share of the drivers, contributing to the further growth of the interests of agricultural market participants from around the world in establishing of cooperation with Uzbek companies.

Uzbekistan is growing into more and more attractive venue for foreign partners for establishment of trading relations, and creating of new investment projects.

Target audience

Target audience: meeting the requirements of the companies operating in all segments of the agro-industrial production, processing, trading, logistics, investment
150 representatives of the grain and oilseed business - potential partners

Geography of participants

• Uzbekistan • Kazakhstan • Russia •

• Tajikistan • Kyrgyzstan •

• Ukraine • Europe •

Asia Grains&Oils Conference in Tashkent 2020 includes :

  • 150 representatives of the grain and oilseed business - potential partners
  • Lively discussion with 20+ speakers — key experts of grain and oilseed businesses, representatives of international trade and investment companies
  • Well-developed informational platform, after which each delegate shall receive the mini-study on the grain and oilseed industries in the form of presentations
  • B2B platform for effective meetings and contacts

Major topics

  • Agriculture of Uzbekistan: development potential, investment attractiveness of the country under impact of the global trends
  • Logistics and infrastructure: challenges & new prospects
  • Grain industry of Uzbekistan: main trends in development of grain production and processing
  • Fat-and-oil industry of Uzbekistan: current condition, development prospects & investment opportunities
  • Development of the international cooperation in the agro-industrial complex of Uzbekistan

Also in the framework of the conference participants to take part in the round tables:

  • "Challenging issues of flour production and trading in Uzbekistan and the Сentral asian region"
  • "Modern technologies in the storing and processing industry of grains and oilseeds — a new round in development"

Technology workshop

  • "Modern technologies in development of the fat-and-oil and grain industries"




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