"Asia Grains & Oils Conference in Tashkent", Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Sep 8, 2021

I. Placing advertisements in the electronic catalogue of the conference

catalogue is a unique information source of the client base, which is very popular not only among conference participants, but also among companies that did not take direct part in the event.

The catalogue can be downloaded by QR code, which will be provided to all participants of the event. The advantage of the electronic catalogue is that it will not get lost among the many papers, but will always be “at hand”.

Catalogue’s language - Russian, English.

Requirements to the advertising blocks

  • format а5 (148х210 mm) vertical
  • resolution 300 ppi
  • blank space of 15 mm is required from all edges of the page for all significant items

II. Placing of the exhibition place for the company (places are limited) 

The area of exhibition place totals 3.6 m2 (width — 2.4 m, depth — 1.5 m).

The cost includes:

  • participation of 1 person;
  • a table (width — 600 mm, length — 1200 mm), tablecloth, 2 chairs;
  • Internet connection (upon the capability of the owner of the conference-hall);
  • power grid connection.


One may use corporate banners for housing of the exhibition place.

Housing of non-standard exhibition places with the use of exhibition panels or by the personal plan to be made only after approval of the development schemes and budgets.


III. Placing of the roll-up banner 
  • In the conference hall


  • In the prefunction area


The customer shall provide the banner.
APK-Inform can organize the production of the roll-up banner in advance, in terms of making and harmonizing the order, no later than 30 days before beginning of the event.

IV. Demonstration of video clip of the company in the conference-hall between sessions of the event and online (in ZOOM). The video time — no more than 3 minutes. 

Number of views — 10 for the period of the conference


V. Putting of advertising, souvenir products into packages of the conference participants 

If you are interested in any services, please, feel free to contact the conference organizers to find the cost of advertising.


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