"Fat&Oil Industry", Ukraine, Lviv
Oct 23, 2023
APK-Inform continues to support communication between market participants in Ukraine in war conditions and announces the XXI international conference "Fat&Oil Industry-2023".

The event will be held with the support of Lviv Regional State Administration on October 23 in Lviv, Premier Hotel Dnister.

The new Grand Hall Dnister conference hall is located on the "-1st" floor, which makes it the largest safe space for organizing events in Lviv. "APK-Inform" will hold a conference in this hall without interruption during the air alert.

Despite significant geopolitical changes and the forced revision of the main trade routes as a result of Russian aggression, Ukraine remains one of the key suppliers of fat and oil products to foreign markets.

For 11 months of 2022/23 MY, Ukraine shipped 5.2 mln tonnes of sunflower oil to foreign markets (+26% to 2021/22 MY), which is already about 40% of the expected global export of this product in the current season. The share of Ukrainian sunflower meal in global exports in 2022/23 MY may reach 46% (42% in 2021/22 MY).

Last season, the Ukrainian market of oil and refined products suffered a significant transformation, adapting to current realities: there was a noticeable shift towards the export of oilseeds, but, at the same time, the work of the processing industry showed quite high indicators even with the systematic blocking of the ports of Great Odesa.

But, a new season brings new challenges and the main emphasis in today's conditions is on logistics: the expansion of alternative export routes, possible shipment volumes and price formation factors.


Main topics of the conference:

  • Alternative ways of export: bet on Danube ports.
  • Global changes in the geography of sunflower oil exports: substitution of Ukrainian oil in key markets.
  • Changes in the structure of oil and grain production: a forced step or a long-term trend?
  • Oilseeds supply and demand balance: redistribution of consumption.
  • Growing soybean market: production and sales potential.
  • Ukrainian rapeseed vs new logistical possibilities.
  • Record oil exports: impact, consequences for the industry and possible restrictions.
  • HO sunflower seeds market: where is the market going?
  • New projects and investment climate.


The target audience of the event: processors of oilseeds, traders, agricultural holdings, industry organizations, leading domestic and international agricultural experts, equipment manufacturers, key exporters and consumers of oilseeds and processed products, representatives of scientific organizations, etc.

Language – Ukrainian



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