"Fat&Oil Industry", Ukraine, Lviv
Oct 23, 2023

The main event of the Ukrainian oilseed market: take part on the most favorable terms!




On October 23, the XXI International Conference "Fat&Oil Industry-2023" will be held in Lviv – one of the main events of the oil market of Ukraine, where trends, development vectors, and prospects of the industry will be discussed.

Hurry up to register for the event – the most favorable terms apply until September 22! From September 23, the price will increase.

The situation in the Ukrainian oilseeds market is changing rapidly. A new season is just around the corner, while the background includes restrictions on exports to a number of EU countries and problems with maritime logistics, caused by the military actions of the Russian Federation, which are moving into the new year. And also – the harvest prospects, the change in the structure of the distribution of oilseeds between export and processing...

Therefore, we are forming the conference agenda in such a way as to discuss the most pressing issues, to provide objective and complete information from the first hands of the business for making decisions on where to move forward.

In particular, at Fat&Oil Industry-2023, we will discuss the following topics:

  • Changes in the structure of oilseeds production: a forced step or a long-term trend? S&D balance: redistribution of consumption
  • Oilseeds production in the EU: focus on Eastern Europe
  • The growth of the soybean market: the potential of production, sale, and processing
  • Ukrainian rapeseed VS new logistic possibilities

During the discussion session for exporters, we will discuss:

  • Global changes in the geography of sunflower oil exports: substitution of the Ukrainian product in the main markets
  • Record oil exports: impact, consequences for the industry and possible restrictions
  • Alternative export routes: what changed with the start of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation on February 24, 2022?

In addition to presentations by top speakers, the conference will traditionally feature a lot of live communication, networking, new prospective acquaintances, and the conclusion of mutually beneficial contracts.

We remind you once again that the lowest price is valid only until September 22, after that the conditions change!

Join the Fat&Oil Industry-2023 team!

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