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Mar 11, 2021

Ukraine significantly cut import of seed of major grain crops in 2020




According to Customs Service, Ukraine significantly cut import of seed of major grain crops in 2020.

APK-Inform says that Ukraine imported more or less large volumes of seed of four crops only - corn, wheat, rye and barley.

Overall import of seed of major grain crops declined to 25.2 thsd tonnes, down 31% compare to 2019 (36.7 thsd tonnes). Import decreased by 20% in monetary terms to 107.6 mln USD. Thus, the import seeds became more expensive.

Mainly, Ukraine imported seed of corn. Its share reached 92% in the overall import structure in volume terms and 97% in monetary terms.

Hungary, France and Romania were the main suppliers of corn seed to Ukraine. Their shares totaled 32%, 26% and 16% correspondingly. Germany was the key supplier of seed of other grains. Its supplied 65% of total volume of wheat seed, 57% of rye seed and 40% of barley seed.

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