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Mar 11, 2021

Ukraine cut seed import in 2020 on lower purchases of oilseeds




Ukraine imported 50 thsd tonnes of grain and oilseed seed at the general sum of 409.4 mln USD. Seed import decreased by 12.7% in monetary terms compared to 2019. However, seed import was almost 22 times higher compared to seed export volume in 2020 (18.7 mln USD), informed the press-service of the National scientific center “Institute of Agrarian Economics”.

In 2020, 91% of grain seed import was formed by corn (23.1 thsd tonnes). Import of wheat seed totaled 1.2 thsd tonnes. 83% of oilseed seed import was presented by sunflower seed (20.4 thsd tonnes). Import of rapeseed seed amounted to 3.6 thsd tonnes.

Ukraine has been increasing import of seed since 2010 due to growing demand from holding companies as well as small and medium producers. Import of corn seed reached its record high in 2013 and 2014 (50-54 thsd tonnes), while the highest external purchases of sunflower seed were observed in 2017-2019 (32-37 thsd tonnes).

“This trend slowed down last year, when import of grain seed declined by 11.5 thsd tonnes to 25.4 thsd tonnes, and import of oilseed sees decreased by 45% to 24.6 thsd tonnes”, - was stated in the message.

Quarantine and logistical restrictions due to COVID-19 pandemic promoted the development of national seed breeding and international breeding companies within Ukraine.

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