Online conference "Online Seed Forum - 2021"
Mar 11, 2021

Less intensification of farming is a prospect of EU market - Euroseeds





The main trend of agricultural development in the EU is its less intensification, declared Cesar Gonzalez, Manager Public Affairs, European Association Euroseeds within Online Seed Forum-2021on March 11.“We are talking about less use of pesticides, fertilizers and higher share of organic farming as well as greater biodiversity. These are the prospects of European market for 2021-2030”, - he said.

Moreover, they expect more intensive pressure on farming/arable lands (less empty land, extension of forests, permanent pastures). Digitizing will be the main factor for growing yields.

Higher demand for local food and short supply chains will be among key trends as well. Consumer choice will more depend on nutritional quality, product origin, ecological aspects.

“We expect growth of yield of cereals in the EU in the coming years, despite lower arable lands. Thus, the production will be stable. The area under wheat and barley may decline, while the area under corn will remain stable or grow slightly. The production of sunflower seed and soybean will increase, while rapeseed crop will decline on number of factors. We expect wider areas and higher yields of protein crops. The area under sugar beet will remain stable, while its yield should grow”, - C.Gonzalez forecast.

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