Online conference "Online Seed Forum - 2021"
Mar 11, 2021

Ukrainian farmers change technologies of sunflower seed cultivation - Syngenta




In recent years, technology of sunflower seed cultivation have changed in Ukraine, declared Gennady Malyna, Ph.D. s.-g. Sciences, Head of Oilseeds Technical Support Team of “Syngenta” within Online Seed Forum-2021 on March 11.

“Sunflower seed is cultivated in Ukraine according to four technologies - classic, sulfo (SU), Clearfield® and Clearfield® Plus. If we analyze the recent three years, we see higher demand for sulfo-hybrids and lower interest to classic method”, - he said.

In 2018, 55% of sunflower seed was cultivated by classic technology. Its share declined to 49% in 2020, while the share of sulfo technology increased from 16% to 23%.

“Almost one-third of sunflower seed crop (28-29%) is cultivated by Clearfield® and Clearfield® Plus technologies. However, in 2020, hybrids of Clearfield® Plus got higher interest”, - G.Malyna said. 

He added that Syngenta own six out of ten hybrids of sunflower seed cultivated in Ukraine.

“Sunflower seed is a leading oilseed crop in Ukraine. It is key fund-forming crop for many farmers. Thus, the demand for sunflower seed is high and the area under this crop is growing. Planted area under sunflower totaled almost 6.4 mln ha in Ukraine in 2020. It is cultivated in all agro-climatic zones of Ukraine”, - he said.


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