Online conference "Online Seed Forum - 2021"
Mar 11, 2021

Annually KWS invests almost 20% of its turnover into innovations




Annually KWS invests 18.4% of its turnover into innovations, research and breeding, declared Victoriya Taran, Head of Marketing Department, KWS-UKRAINE LLC within Online Seed Forum-2021.

She pointed out that today a wide, various and registered genetic pool of KWS includes seed of 11 out of 13 main crops and it serve for breeding of hybrids for sustained agricultural development. KWS is among TOP-5 leading global seed breeding companies.

KWS produces seed of sugar beet, corn, grains and other field and vegetable crops.

“We develop new high-quality and resource-saving hybrids for sustained agricultural development. Stable yield obtained from hybrids with wide genetic base, lower consumption of water, fertilizers and pesticides, optimization of energy and nutriments content for more efficient use of area, sustainability due to wide pool and genes are the four components essential for KWS”, - V.Taran explained.

Today the innovative activity of the company is focus on three projects. The first one is a selection of sugar beet hybrids tolerant to Bayer herbicide CONVISO® SMART. Its advantages include flexible and efficient control of weed on fields with sugar beet. The second project is a creation of diploid hybrid potato. The third projects is hybrid winter rye that improves health of animals. It is drought resistant.

“Our experience shows that only high-quality seed are not enough. Thus, I want to present you our new product - digital service myKWS. It allows planning crop rotation, watching crops during vegetation period, making notes about problems on fields, etc.”, - V.Taran added.
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