Online conference "Online Seed Forum - 2021"
Mar 11, 2021

BASF working on wheat hybrids




For many years, leading scientists and breeders from all over the world (Canada, USA, France, Australia, Germany and Ukraine) have been working on new hybrids and varieties adapted to tough climate and bringing high yields. Particularly, those of winter rapeseed, hybrids of sunflower seed and wheat, declared Thierry Menou, Regional Business Head EMEA Seeds & Traits, Field Crops within Online Seed Forum-2021 on March 11.

“Global seed market grows by 6-7% annually. Ukraine is an important player on this market. Wheat is one of the main exports and domestic crops here. However, it becomes more difficult to cultivate wheat amid climate changes and unstable weather conditions. Thus, high-quality seed with high potential and good yield turn to be more needed. BASF will present such seed in several years”, - he said.

BASF offers seed of winter and spring rapeseed, sunflower seed in Ukraine and is working on wheat hybrids, said Taras Kostina, Head of Seed Marketing with BASF Agricultural Solutions. “It is important for our breeders to have seed adapted to Ukrainian conditions. For example, resistance to drought and stress conditions is important for spring crops, while resistance to cold temperature is necessary for winter rapeseed and wheat”, - he added.

Ukrainian seed market has significant potential for development. Demand for higher crops of grains and oilseeds without extension of areas is growing everywhere. USDA forecast global wheat crop at record 776.8 mln tonnes this year. Ukraine player an important role in this process.

“The systematic approach is the future. It includes high-quality seed, strong protection and digital solutions. Thus, the company is working on wheat hybrids that together with high-quality plant protection products and innovative services will let farmers to reveal full potential of a plant and provide high crop”, - said Matthias Horsch, Head of Marketing Agricultural Products with BASF Agricultural Solutionsin Ukraine, Moldova and countries of Caucasus.

Annually, the company invests about 1 bln euro into research and development of new active ingredients. It is proved by the innovative portfolio including wide range of unique technologies for plant protection, seed and digital solutions. These technologies allow BASF to help farmers to optimize their business, ensure its sustainable development, responsible attitude to the environment and ease pesticide burden on soil without crop losses.

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