Online conference "Soybean and meal market"
Jul 1, 2020

The average yield of soybean was doubled within 20 years in Ukraine – APK-Inform




The production of soybean in Ukraine started to develop in early 2000s and was concentrated in Kherson oblast where 40% of total soybean area was located, declared the Head of Business project unit of APK-Inform, Andriy Kupchenko within the online conference Soybean and meal market.

In 2019, Khmelnytskyi oblast turned to be the leading producer of soybean. The extension of planted area started in 2006 in the region and the oblast reached the TOP-3 producers of the oilseed in 2011.

“At the beginning of the cultivation of soybean in Ukraine only 5 oblasts produced the oilseed. Today, the planted areas are more diversified», - A.Kupchenko added.

The average yield of soybean was doubled within 20 years. The southern region, particularly, Kherson oblasts still has the highest soybean yield due to the largest irrigated territory.

Khmelnytskyi (13% of total output), Zhytomyr, Poltava, Kherson and Kiev oblasts were the TOP-5 producers of soybean in Ukraine in 2019.

The interactive report of A.Kupchenko presents more detailed information regarding the development of soybean production in Ukraine over the last 20 years:



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