Sunflower Seed&Oil: Trade. Barriers. Competition
May 12, 2021

Kazakhstan to extend sunflower seed area by 100 thsd ha in 2021 - expert




In 2021, the area under sunflower seed will be extended by 100 thsd ha to 845 thsd ha in Kazakhstan, declared the founder of group of companies Severnoe Zerno LLC, expert of the Kazakh Grain Union, Evgeny Karabanov within the online conference Sunflower Seed&Oil: Trade. Barriers. Competition on May 12.

“The Kazakh Grain Union estimated the harvested area under sunflower seed at about 750 thsd ha in 2020/21 MY. The area will increase in the new season, as farmers are more interested in sunflower seed cultivation due to the price situation on the market”, - the expert says.

E.Karabanov expects the area under the main oilseeds (flaxseed, sunflower seed, soybean and safflower) to exceed 3 mln ha in 2021. It will be the record high area for Kazakhstan. The overall area under oilseeds totaled almost 2.9 mln ha in 2020.