Sunflower Seed&Oil: Trade. Barriers. Competition
May 12, 2021

Sunflower seed crop to reach record high in Russia - expert




A planted area under sunflower seed to reach record high 9.2 mln tonnes in Russia in 2021. With an average yield of 1.68 t/ha the production of sunflower seed will amount to close to record 15-15.5 mln tonnes, declared the Head of the Department for Analysis of Commodity Markets with Rusagro, Vladimir Zhilin within the online conference Sunflower Seed&Oil: Trade. Barriers. Competition.

He pointed out that mainly farmers plan to plant actively sunflower seed. The expert added that the areas under sunflower seed could be extended for account of replanting of winter crops hurt by adverse weather conditions.

“There were no rains almost at all in Russia in autumn, the soil was dry. However, the amount of precipitations was goo during the winter. Long-lasting spring with low temperatures results in good soil moisture level favoring sunflower seed planting. Cold weather delays sunflower seed planting campaign, however, it can be completed within the optimal sowing window”, - V.Zhilin said.

He said the bulk of sunflower seed crop would be processed domestically, resulting in record sunflower oil production and export. The external supplies of sunflower seed will be quite low and will mainly go to the EAEU.

High prices of oilseeds and vegetable oils on the global markets will allow farmers to have a good margin. Therefore, the expert called on considering cultivation of high-oleic sunflower seed.

“We are waiting for reduction of the prices on the global market, however, they will remain quite high. Even with the export duty on sunflower oil, the prices of sunflower seed and other oilseeds will be very attractive for farmers”, - V.Zhilin added.