About the conference

About the conference







APK-Inform and Oils&Fats International invites you to make preliminary conclusion of 2013/14 MY of the global vegoils market. Please, pay your careful attention to the conference format – main focus on the experts and interactive discussions, the topics include both macro- (pricing, demand) and micro economical aspects of the trade.

Venue - Istanbul Convention Center, Üsküdar 1 is called as Conference 1 APK and Üsküdar 2+3 is exhibition  area
Address: Taşkışla Caddesi Harbiye 34367 İstanbul/Turkey


 Target audience: crushers and traders from Turkey, Black sea countries and EU, as well from ME&NA region

Blocks of the conference:

-          Pricing/trade trends in the season-2013/14,

-          S&D balances,

-          crushers’ productivity management,

-          traders’ margin optimization.


Conference Program


Day 1

Panel 1: Pricing: factors of impact, forecasting

A key speaker with a big outlook presentation + 2-3 regional experts’ views, discussions

Panel 2: S&D balances: demand is the driver

A key speaker with a big outlook presentation + 2-3 regional experts’ views, discussions


Panel 3: Productivity management for crushers.
A key speaker with outlook presentation + 2-4 regional experts’ views, discussions


Day 2:


Seminar-session: Trader’s margin optimization issues

-          Hedging tools

-          Legal issues

-          New risks and challenges

Conference language - English



For more info please contact: Irina Ozip [email protected]+380676342605