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Prospects of oilseeds and oils market of Russia is one of the major subjects of VegOils Trade Outlook-2014 Conference

APK-Inform Agency continues preparation works for the conference "VegOils Trade Outlook - 2014", to be held within frames of the exhibition "OFI Turkey 2014", organized by OFI (Oils & Fats International) in conjunction with APK-Inform on May 13-14, 2014, in Istanbul (Congress Center ICC).

Thus, Vladimir Zhylin, the expert of Solnechnye produkty Holding will be the speaker of the Conference and tell about “Russian oilseeds and oils market: preliminary results of the current season and the prospects of the next season — demand, supply, prices”.

V.Zhylin noted, that the Russian oilseeds and oils market players have faced the new chanllenges this season. In particular, the record general production, which the Black Sea market did not expect to harvest. Besides, the hard weather conditions, impacted the harvesting, acceptance and seeds quality. The sun oil prices steep downfall in the beginning of 2014, when there was confirmed the record harvest of oilseeds. The high volatility being faced by the oils and meals market. The expert stated, that till the end of the season there is to appear the number of facts impacting the prices. But still one thing is obvious – the market still to bring us surprises. In the report there to be noted the key factors of price formation on the market of the Russian Federation considering the preliminary results of the current and the prospects of the next season.

Note: Solnechnye produkty Holding is the vertically integrated company, being in top three of the fat-and-oil market of Russia. The story of Holding development has been lasting for 10 years of uniting and modernizing of fat-and-oil enterprises. The following enterprises are the part of Holding: Fat processing plant in Saratov, Moscow fat processing plant, Novosibirsk fat processing plant, Atkar oil-extracting plant, Arvamir fat-and-oil plant, Elevatorholding.

The Holding major activity:

mayonnaise and sauce production

specialized industrial margarines and fats production

packed margarines production

soap and technical products production

bottled vegetable oil production

production of sun oil for industrial processors

acceptance-storing-shipment of sun seeds and grain

grain trading

The holding takes the second position on sun seed processing volumes in Russia and is in TOP-3 of the largest producers of mayonnaise producers in Russia, takes the second position on the margarine products production in Russia, and is the largest producer of lye soap in the CIS.

Thus, 5000 employees work in the company.

You can meet a representative of Solnechnye produkty Holding, by participating in the conference "VegOils Trade Outlook - 2014".

Here you can become acquainted with the program of the conference, and fill in the application form for participation.

For more information about participation in the conference, sponsorship and report, please contact: Irina Ozip, [email protected], +380676342605


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