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INTL FCStone - sponsor of the conference "VegOils Trade Outlook - 2014”

INTL FCStone - the leading consulting company in the sphere of risk management of trading on the market of agricultural products from the Black Sea region, became the sponsor of the conference "VegOils Trade Outlook – 2014", which to be held within frames of the exhibition ”OFI Turkey 2014” in Istanbul on May 13-14, 2014. The company OFI (Oils&Fats International) and APK-Inform Agency are the organizers of the exhibition.

According to Matt Ammermann, representative of the consulting company INTL FCStone, minimization of risks continues to be the hot topic of many discussions, and the main purpose of INTL FCStone – to provide participants of the Black Sea market with the right tools to minimize the risks of trade.

Note. The heritage of INTL FCStone dates back to 1924 when a door-to-door egg wholesaler founded a business called Saul Stone and Company. In 1977, 550 grain cooperatives of the US Midwest founded the farmers corporation FCC (Farmers Commodity Corporation). The purpose of these cooperatives was the direct access to trading on the Chicago Commodity Exchange CME. At the same time, formation of the corporation not only made the goal a reality, but also allowed to the members to hedge their risks. For the further realization of clearing services, in 2000 Saul Stone and FCC merged in FCStone. Through organic growth, acquisitions and the 2009 merger between International Assets Holding Corporation and FCStone Group, the company has become a global, Fortune 500 financial services organization (the TOP-500 companies in the world, which is formed through the companies` revenue).

To date, INTL FCStone Inc. serves more than 10,000 customers in more than 100 countries through a network of 30 offices around the world, which provide its clients with consulting services for different commodity items, stock markets, foreign currencies, resource management, etc.

You can meet representatives of INTL FCStone within frames of the conference "VegOils Trade Outlook – 2014".

Here you can become acquainted with the program of the conference, and fill in the application form to apply it.

For more info please contact: Irina Ozip [email protected]+380676342605


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