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India increased imports of Ukrainian sunflower oil

According to data of APK-Inform Agency, India keeps rather high demand for Ukrainian sunflower oil. Since the beginning of 2014 India imported 160.51 thsd tonnes of the reporting commodity from Ukraine, as opposed to 150.9 thsd tonnes in the same period last year. It should be noted that such terminals as Ukrpischesbytsyryo (59 thsd tonnes), Risoil (40.5 thsd tonnes), Allseeds Black Sea (32.5 thsd tonnes), Delta Wilmar CIS (16.66 thsd tonnes) and TIS (12.3 thsd tonnes), provided shipments of Ukrainian sunflower oil to India.

At the same time, in January-February of 2014 India became the world largest importer of sunflower oil, and purchased 175 thsd tonnes of the reporting sunflower by-products. Such high interest of India in purchasing of the above mentioned commodity is explained by rather attractive prices on the world market, varying within the range of 945-950 USD/t (April-June). According to experts, in the season-2013/14 the general imports of sunflower oil to India may reach 1.4-1.5 mln tonnes.

You can become acquainted with the current situation on the Indian market of oilseeds and vegetable oils, and estimate the prospects of Ukrainian agricultural products on the Indian market, while visiting the conference "VegOils Trade Outlook-2014" , to be held within frames of the exhibition “OFI Turkey 2014" on May 13-14, 2014, in Istanbul (Congress-Center ICC). OFI (Oils&Fats International) and APK-Inform Agency are the event organizers.

Nikhil Rathod, Purchase Manager at the edible oil company Kamani Oil Industries Pvt Ltd., will make the presentation at "Indian market of oilseeds and by-products: supply and demand balances" within frames of the conference.

Note. Kamani Oil Industries Pvt Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturing organization in the field of specialty oils and fat products in India. The company is dedicated to providing highest quality oils and fats to the customers and has a wide range of products for specialized applications to the Food, Pharma, Cosmetic and Nutraceutical industry. The company products include a whole range of specialty vegetable oils, hydrogenated vegetable fats, margarines, dairy fat replacers, confectionery fats, exotic butters.

Here you can become acquainted with the conference program and fill in the application form for participation.

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