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Turkish company Ayhan Sezer - sponsor of VegOils Trade Outlook- 2014

Ayhan Sezer Yag ve Gida End Tic Ltd. Sti. — a fast-growth company with more than 15 years experience at the market of oilseeds and by-products became the sponsor of the conference "VegOils Trade Outlook – 2014", which to be held within frames of the exhibition ”OFI Turkey 2014” in Istanbul on May 13-14, 2014. The company OFI (Oils&Fats International) and APK-Inform Agency are the organizers of the exhibition.

The activity of the company includes trade with oilseeds, oils, cakes and meals and even various grains and feed raw materials. The company works both at domestic and export markets of given products.

Imported, Exported and Domestically Sold Products:

• All sorts of oil seeds (Sunflower, Soybean, Corn, Canola etc.);
• Crude, refined and acid oils of oil seeds;
• Meals/Cakes of oil seeds (Sunflower cake/meal, Canola cake/meal etc.);
• Various seed processing by-products (Corn gluten feed, DDGS etc.);
• Various grains and feed raw materials (Wheat, Barley, Rye, Wheat Bran, etc.).

You can meet with representatives of Ayhan Sezer within frames of the conference VegOils Trade Outlook-2014, to be held on May 13-14, 2014, in Istanbul, Turkey.

Here you can become acquainted with the program, conditions of participation in the conference, and fill in the application form to participate in the event.

For more info please contact: Irina Ozip [email protected]+380676342605


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