Danube basin countries supply nearly 40% of grains and its by-products to Ukraine - APK-Inform




In 2016/17 MY, Ukraine imported nearly 99.5 thsd tonnes of grains (mainly seed materials), as well as flour and groats (except for rice). Countries in the Danube river basin supplied nearly 31% of the reporting volumes: Germany, Romania, Moldova, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia.

Also, the import volumes from the reporting countries exceeded the figures for 2015/16 MY by 34% (23.4 thsd tonnes), and up 32% compared with 2014/15 MY (23.8 thsd tonnes). During 3 recent seasons, the share of imports of the products from the Danube basin countries totaled nearly 38% of the general imports.

As for the exports from Ukraine to the reporting countries, the share was quite low-scale, and during three recent seasons it totaled less than 1% of the general exports. In 2016/17 MY, Ukraine exported only 186 thsd tonnes of the products in the reporting direction (0.4% of the general exports per season), whereas in 2015/16 MY the supplies totaled 622.5 thsd tonnes (1.6%).

You can become acquainted with more detailed information on development prospects of the Danube, as a transport corridor with access to the Black Sea ports, as well as the prospects for the Black Sea region's grain market, within frames of the Agro-logistics forum "Dnieper-Danube-Black Sea", to be held on October 18-19, 2017, in Chișinău, Moldova.