Germany is the leading Danube country in the imports of Ukrainian grains - APK-Inform




In 2016/17 MY, Ukraine exported 232.6 thsd tonnes of grains and its by-products to six countries of the Danube river basin (Germany, Romania, Moldova, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria), declared the Director of the Union "Millers of Ukraine", Head of Business project unit at APK-Inform Agency, Rodion Rybchinskiy during his report within frames of the Agro-logistics forum "Dnieper-Danube-Black Sea" on October 18 in Chisinau, Moldova.

Ukraine supplied the major share of the above-mentioned volumes of grains and its by-products to Germany - 116.3 thsd tonnes, or 50% of the volumes shipped in the Danube destination. In addition, Romania purchased nearly 22% (51.8 thsd tonnes) and Moldova - 17% (38.7 thsd tonnes), said the expert.

At the same time, R.Rybchinskiy specified that corn (91.3 thsd tonnes) and wheat (18.1 thsd tonnes) dominated in the structure of grain supplies to Germany. Wheat (32.9 thsd tonnes) and barley (17.4 thsd tonnes) mainly formed the Ukrainian grain supplies to Romania. But the exports to Moldova included nearly 86% of flour and 13% of groats products of Ukrainian origin.

In addition, the expert noted that last season Ukraine imported nearly 31.1 thsd tonnes of grains from the reporting countries.

Thus, in 2016/17 MY the general turnover in grain segment between countries of the region and Ukraine totaled almost 264 thsd tonnes, summarized the analyst.

You can receive more detailed information about the key points of "Dnieper-Danube-Black Sea" from the news line of the conference.