In 2017/18 MY, Russia to slightly reduce the production and exports of sunflower oil - ProZerno




In 2017/18 MY, Russia will slightly reduce the production and exports of sunflower oil compared with the previous season, declared the Director at LLC ProZerno, Vladimir Petrychenko during his report within frames of the Agro-logistics forum "Dnieper-Danube-Black Sea" on October 18 in Chisinau, Moldova.

According to ProZerno estimations, in a new season the production volumes of Russian sunflower oil will decrease to 4.45 mln tonnes, against 4.61 mln tonnes in 2016/17 MY, and its exports - 1.8 mln tonnes, against 1.927 mln tonnes, the analyst specified. The expected reduction of the general harvest of sunflower seed in the country from 11 mln tonnes in 2016, to 10.5 mln tonnes, will become the main reason for such market development.

At the same time, V.Petrychenko forecasted the steady growth of the general production of three main vegetable oils (sunflower, rapeseed and soybean oils) in 2017/18 MY in Russia. In the new season, the figures will reach 5.72 mln tonnes, against 5.576 mln tonnes in 2016/17 MY. Also, increasing of rapeseed and soybean oils production - from 307 thsd tonnes to 470 thsd tonnes, and from 660 thsd tonnes to 800 thsd tonnes, respectively - will somewhat neutralize the expected reduction in sunflower oil production, explained the expert.

V.Petrychenko estimated the general exports of the reporting vegetable oils in 2017/18 MY at 2.7 mln tonnes, which completely correspond to the last season volumes.

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