Ukraine: Nibulon plans to increase production of sorghum




According to the company Nibulon, in high-risk sowing areas sorghum is the most suitable crop for sowing works, as it is resistant to droughts, informed Ekaterina Kovalskaya, Chief of the trade department of Nibulon Ltd., at the conference "AgroResurcy - 2012" in Kiev on February 9.

According to her, in the terms of the low level of rainfall (180-230 mm) in the vegetative period the general production of sorghum may be much higher compared to the production of maize.

For example, according to data of the company, in Nikolayev oblast the profitability of sorghum production is higher by 32% compared to maize production.

E.Kovalskaya also noted that Nibulon intends to increase production of sorghum, in particular, due to the current problems with winter crops sowings.