Creation and development of agricultural cooperatives in Ukraine




APK-Inform Agency continues realizing preparation works for holding of the second conference "AgroResurcy - 2012: ways of increase of agroindustrial profitability". Creation and development of agricultural cooperatives in Ukraine will be one of the topics covered in the conference program.

Providing of reliable channels of sale of agricultural products to agricultural producers, without intermediaries, which will allow to agrarians to increase their revenues and improve profitability of the industry is one of the major tasks, which is posed for agricultural cooperatives. It is commonly known that agricultural cooperation is not an innovation, and in European countries most of the agricultural products are sold through farming cooperatives. Besides, farmers can export their products through agricultural cooperatives.

We will try to understand whether Ukrainian agrarians be able to sell their agricultural products for exports on their own, without participation in the chain of traders, and whether agricultural cooperatives to help them in solving of the issue, within frames of the conference "AgroResurcy – 2012”.

Also, the following themes will be discussed at the conference program:

Prospects of Ukrainian agricultural production in the terms of rising of the global demand for food:

- Development of the agricultural sector policy and cancellation of the moratorium on selling of lands of agricultural destination in Ukraine;

- Interaction of international financial structures and development agencies with Ukrainian agricultural producers;

- Role of technology in increasing agricultural crops productivity;

- Marketing and distribution: results for large-scale agricultural producers and consequences for international trade transactions

Estimation of profitability of agricultural production in Ukraine. How to increase the level of profitability and revenue of agrarians:

- Status of Ukrainian agricultural production. Government programs aimed for improving of the efficiency of the plant growing industry;

- Assessment of cost effectiveness and prospects for production of basic grains and oilseeds crops;

- Use of resource saving elements and technologies as the way to improve the profitability of crop production;

- Use of quality seeds as one of the ways to increase the profitability of crop production;

- Experience of highly profitable agricultural production in Ukraine (for example, medium and large-scale agricultural enterprises)

Selling of agricultural products:

- Forecast of production of grains and oilseeds in 2012. Price trends in the second half of the season-2011/12;

- Program of development of agricultural cooperatives in Ukraine. Selling of agricultural products through agricultural cooperatives - way of agrarians on foreign markets;

- International experience of activity of agricultural cooperatives;

- Forwards: despair of agrarians or opportunity to receive financial resources?;

- Quality storage - opportunity of profitable selling of agricultural products.

You can find detailed information about the conference and fill in the application form for participation at the web-site.