New hybrids of Euralis Semences on the Ukrainian market




The company Euralis Semences presents as the General sponsor of the conference "AgroResurcy - 2012", to be held within frames of the exhibition "Interagro 2012". To date Euralis Semences offers a wide range of hybrids of maize, sunflower, rapeseed, sorghum and soybean. For its researches on genetics Euralis Semences uses modern laboratory technologies, combined with the powerful research program, which is deployed on more than 250,000 plots throughout the whole of Europe. Seed quality and customer satisfaction are the absolute priorities of the strategy of Euralis Semences.

Some hybrids already became real bestsellers, well-known in Ukraine, and the new hybrids that will be offered in 2012, proved to be the best way at demonstration fields in the season of 2011. Thus, it is about the hybrids of maize DELPHINE FAO 190, FAO, ES LIMES FAO 210, ES KONGRESS FAO 250, SPLENDIS FAO 250, ES SIGMA FAO 280, ES GARANT FAO 300, ES SENSOR FAO 370. The increased resistance to diseases is the main feature of the hybrids of Euralis Semences. In the following year, the market will offer such promising new sunflower hybrids as ES PETUNIA, ES VENICIA, ES DIAGORA, ES SHERPA and ES BAYANO. The company also plans to supply several sunflower hybrids on the market, adapted to the technology Clearfield ®. The hybrids: ES PRIMIS Euralis, ES FLORIMIS, ES BELLAMIS CL and ES ARTIMIS.

The list of hybrid seeds supplied on the Ukrainian market by the company, meets all requirements of the latest technologies. The highest quality at the forefront of progress brought well-deserved international recognition to French breeders and made the company Euralis Semences as one of European leaders on the market. During many years of cooperation with the company, Ukrainian agrarians were able to verify that they actually get the seeds of Euralis of high quality with good germination and crop yields.

You can find details about participation, sponsorship, making of presentation at the conference "AgroResurcy - 2012" by phone: +38 0562 32 15 95 (ext. 120, 115)

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