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Ukraine: agrarians initiate the growth of maize prices

According to the market operators, in the reporting week the market of Ukrainian feed maize set the bullish trend. It is worth noting that it was initiated by owners of the grain, who want to sell maize at the average price of 2000 UAH/t EXW, according to data of APK-Inform Agency.

The market operators called keeping of rather strong demand for the grain by different groups of customers as one of the main reasons for increasing of maize prices.

The agrarians, having the required capacities of storage and not needing to replenish own working capital during the period of formation of the material and technical basis for the spring field works, most actively increase the offer prices for maize.

It should be noted that the trend can be called traditional one, due to the fact that for the third year in a row in the middle of January Ukraine faces an increase of prices for the grain.

You can get more detailed information on the trends and developments of the market of Ukrainian maize by visiting the discussion “Problematic issues of the maize grain quality in 2012/13 MY", to be held on February 13, in Kiev.

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