International conference "Asia Grains&Oils Conference in Tashkent 2023", Tashkent
Sep 14, 2023

Kazakh exporters are concerned about large grain stocks




Kazakhstan's grain export is very limited due to logistical problems, and by the end of the current season, the country will accumulate large temporary stocks of wheat. Zeynolla Abdumanapov, head of the KazGrain National Association of Exporters, said at the Asia Grain Conference on April 25 in Almaty.

He specified that in the first quarter of 2023 Kazakhstan exported about 3 mln tonnes of grain (against 2 mln tonnes in 2022).

“This is a positive dynamic, but we are concerned about the very large stocks of grain on the market. With a total production at the level of 22 mln tonnes, today we exported a little more than 7 mln tonnes. Annual average grain stocks in Kazakhstan amount to 2 mln tonnes. At the moment, we have 9 mln tonnes on the market. Even if we manage to export another 6 mln tonnes, the country will already have about 3 mln tonnes of temporary reserves. But I doubt we can export 6 mln tonnes with the existing cargo supply chain problem. This is both the worn-out infrastructure and the lack of rolling stock at KTZ and its application of inconsistent restrictive measures," Z. Abdumanapov emphasized.

Z. Abdumanapov called the chronic problems of Kazakhstan's agricultural industry among the risks that prevent the realization of export potential: lack of financial resources, high credit rates, bureaucratized VAT refund procedures, problems with subsidies, and, above all, the lack of concrete results in the implementation of the policy for the development of sustainable agriculture in the republic.

The low productivity of Kazakh grain and its high cost are also a huge problem.

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