International conference "Asia Grains&Oils Conference in Tashkent 2023", Tashkent
Sep 14, 2023

International conference Asia Grains&Oils Conference in Tashkent 2023 will start soon in Uzbekistan




Already next week, on September 14-15, the third international conference "Asia Grains&Oils Conference in Tashkent 2023" will begin its work in Uzbekistan, organized by APK-Inform Asia (Kazakhstan) in partnership with Inter Standart Consult (Uzbekistan) and "Expo Time" (Kazakhstan). Co-organizer – Event Group (Kazakhstan).

The event will be held with the support of the Association of Fat and Oil Enterprises of the Republic of Uzbekistan "Uzyogmoysanoat", the Assembly of economy of Uzbekistan, JSC "Uzdonmakhsulot" and the Association of Exporters of Uzbekistan. The sponsors were: Myande (General Sponsor), Kemiline Agro (Gold Sponsor), B-Agro Sever (Exclusive Sponsor), Buhler (Innovative Sponsor), LATFLEX, You-Trade, AgroProTrade (Culture Program Sponsor).

More than 200 delegates from 20 countries have already registered in the conference. These are representatives of companies-exporters and importers of agricultural products, processors, agricultural holdings, industry associations, logistics companies and financial institutions, authorities.

The largest delegation will be from Kazakhstan, which includes large exporters of grain, oilseeds, flour, vegetable oils, as well as suppliers of forwarding, survey, consulting and other services, modern technologies and equipment. Among the participants from Kazakhstan are such companies as: Eurasia Grain Trade, General Survey Inspection, LiMiT oil, Beles-Agro, Qazaq-Astyq Group, FESCO Central Asia, Asia Grain Export, Logsoft, Ulex, ORTAMAX, Samal Export, SGS Kazakhstan, Harvest Kazakhstan, ETG Commodities, ORBIS AGRO, Sev EsilZerno, Barakat Bidai, AlemAgro Holding, Altyn Astyk Group and others.

This year the organizers will introduce a new format of the event to the participants.

On the first day there will be 3 global sessions:

- Session 1. Economy of Uzbekistan, development of foreign trade relations in the agricultural sector and logistics.

- Session 2. Trends in the fat and oil industry of Uzbekistan, prospects for 2023/24 MY. Progressive technologies.

- Session 3. Grain and flour market: global trends and Central Asian market.

After a busy information day, participants will have the opportunity to take part in a bowling tournament, which will be held at the Joy bowling club, where they can get a boost of energy and unforgettable emotions. The spirit of competition will further strengthen established partnerships, and possibly help establish new ones. Participants will have not only an emotional game but also prizes from the sponsor - AgroProTrade.

The most important part of the event will be communication on the sidelines, which always pays off – with acquaintances, new experiences, partnership agreements, and contracts.

Also this year, the second day of the conference, September 15, will be entirely devoted to negotiations in the B2B format. The conference participants will hold it in an offsite format at the Amirsoy Mountain Resort.

You can find the detailed agend of the Asia Grains&Oils Conference in Tashkent 2023 on the APK-Inform website.

The list of participants is updated daily. Hurry up to register!

All important conference news can be found here:

- on the Asia Grains&Oils Conference in Tashkent 2023 page on the APK-Inform website



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