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Apr 15, 2021

Russia is key source of high-quality wheat in Black Sea region - Global Platts




This year, Russia is the key supplier of high-quality wheat in the Black Sea region, declared Alexander Bobylev, Senior specialist on commodities derivatives of the Agricultural division, EMEA S&P Global Platts within Grain Processors Forum-2021 on September 23.

“In Romania, Ukraine, France and Poland, the quality of wheat of the harvest-2021 is lower than in the recent years. At the same time, Russia turned to one of the leading suppliers of wheat with high protein content”, - he said.

The expert supposes that Russia will be the main source of high-quality wheat for those countries requiring higher grain quality parameters, such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, etc.

A. Bobylev said that the situation had already resulted in wider spread between the prices of 11.5% and 12.5% protein wheat.

At the same time, many countries have already lowered their requirements to imported grain, as many suppliers faced the decline of grain quality.

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