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Apr 15, 2021

Kazakhstan raised sharply export of high valued added sunflower oil to Uzbekistan in 2020/21 MY




According to the Custom Service of Kazakhstan, the country exported 92.5 thsd tonnes of sunflower oil in 2020/21 MY (excluding supplies to the Custom Union), down 18% compared to the preceding season. Uzbekistan became the key destination for Kazakh sunflower oil with the 58% share of the overall export of the product in 2020/21 MY.

Uzbekistan increased import of Kazakh sunflower oil by 30% to 53.6 thsd tonnes in 2020/21 MY. Particularly, purchases of high value added sunflower oil grew the most. Uzbekistan imported 21.5 thsd tonnes of refined sunflower oil, up 89% y/y. Import of packed sunflower oil increased to 21.9 thsd tonnes, up 19% y/y.

In September 2021, Kazakhstan exported 4.5 thsd tonnes of sunflower oil to Uzbekistan, up 30% compared to the same month of 2020. Particularly, the shipments of refined sunflower oil totaled 2.1 thsd tonnes of (up 49%) and packed oil - 2.5 thsd tonnes (up 1.7 times).

APK-Inform forecasts Kazakhstan to export about 120 thsd tonnes of sunflower oil in 2021/22 MY, up 30% y/y. The government of Kazakhstan imposed the quota on export of sunflower oil in the amount of 110 thsd tonnes for the period from December 1, 2021 to July 1, 2022. The amount of quota can be adjusted depending on the market situation. Generally, the quota corresponds to the estimated export potential of this segment, however, the presence of such restrictions raises the uncertainty and risks while operating on this market.

You can get more detailed information about the market of vegetable oils of Central Asia at the international conference Asia Grains&Oils Conference in Qazaqstan, which will be held on November 17-18 in Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan).

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