"Sunflower Oil&Meal Trade Conference"
Jun 27, 2018

APK-Inform increased the forecast of sunflower meal exports to China in 2017/18 MY




Taking into account the real-time figures about goods shipment, APK-Inform analysts increased their estimations of sunflower meal supplies from Ukraine to China in 2017/18 MY — from 150 thsd tonnes, to 170-200 thsd tonnes.

At the same time, in the first half of April 2018 the export volumes totaled 55 thsd tonnes, and since the beginning of the current season — 104 thsd tonnes.

In the current season, the general share of TOP-3 companies-exporters of Ukrainian sunflower meal to China reached nearly 82% of the reporting shipment volumes. In particular, the company Kernel provided 58% of the general shipments, Delta Wilmar CIS — 16%, and Melitopol oil extraction plant — 8%.

The prospects for development of Ukrainian sunflower meal supplies to China will become one of the key topics in the agenda of the international conference Sunflower Oil & Meal Trade Conference, which takes place in Shanghai (China), on June 27.


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