"Sunflower Oil&Meal Trade Conference"
Jun 27, 2018

Ukraine: since the beginning of the season, sunflower oil prices in the ports decreased by 40 USD/t




According to APK-Inform figures, to date the Ukrainian seaports keep a downward price trend for crude sunflower oil, due to lowering of prices on the global market of oilseeds and by-products, low customer demand, as well as excessive supply of the product.

As of June 21, FOB bid prices for Ukrainian crude sunflower oil mainly varied within the range of 720-722 USD/t (July-August delivery), down nearly 40 USD/t compared with the prices in the beginning of the current season.

In five days, the trends and prospects of sunflower oil supplies from the Black Sea region will become one of the key topics in the agenda of the second international conference Sunflower Oil & Meal Trade Conference, which takes place in Shanghai (China), Shanghai Marriott Hotel Riverside, on June 27.


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