Online conference "Corn-2020: Deal or default?!"
Nov 5, 2020

APK-Inform continues a series of online conferences, and we could not put aside hot issue of default of forward contracts for corn delivery.

Each year if unique, however, it seems that 2020 has incorporated everything and even the invasion of aliens will not be a surprise… Weather anomalies followed by sharp revision of main crops production forecasts, COVID-19 pandemic and Great lockdown, political uncertainties, economic tension, high volatility of prices, currencies, quotations, stock exchanges, and everything that can volatile… Market participants have scarcely adjusted to the new realities when they face something unsettling…

Another prices surge (this time for corn - long-expected 200 USD/t, however, no one was expecting it anymore) put most of traders on the verge of default of forward contracts for corn delivery. It seems that some farmers lost their nerve and other found the way to offset previous losses amid low prices of forward contracts (140-150 USD/t and 160-170 USD/t while concluded in June-July and August when experts expected new high of corn production in Ukraine). Moreover, there are farmers who yielded to temptation to get the maximum profit and decided to take advantage of the situation.

How to tell the first and second from the third? Who is right, who is wrong and what to do? How the stable No4 corn exporter in the world has found itself in such situation and what Ukrainian traders have to do to save the reputation of the country on the global market?

APK-Inform offer you to discuss the most burning issues with the leading experts of agricultural production, insurance, trading and contract execution within online conference Corn-2020: Deal or default?!


  • Why one of the leading global exporters of corn has faced defaults?
  • Has Ukrainian agricultural market ever seen such situation?
  • What is wrong with defaults and how to avoid them? (Overall default policy of GAFTA and FOSFA + unique cases)
  • Can stock exchange tolls minimize losses?
  • Are hedging tools useful under total price volatility?
  • Why have forwards collapsed? Do they have any future in Ukraine?
  • Strategy of farmers. How does it influence on pricing?
  • Trends and shifts of corn production estimate in Ukraine and the world. Is agricultural ensurance our everything? How to make forecast under such conditions?

The conference to be held on November 5 on ZOOM platform.

Time - 13:00-16:00 (Kyiv)
Conference language: Russian and English (simultaneous translation)

Participation is free.

Please, contact the organizing committee for any details regarding presentation or partnership options.

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