Online conference "Corn-2020: Deal or default?!"
Nov 5, 2020

13:00-16:00 Conference time

Moderator - Anna Tanskaya, head of the local markets department of APK-Inform Agency

Welcoming speech of representatives of AGA Partners  


Section I. How did the global No4 exporter of corn faced the defaults and what to do now?

• Prospects of corn market in Ukraine in 2020/21 MY: total price volatility and tough competition

Anna Tanskaya, head of the local markets department, APK-Inform Agency


• Hidden hazards of possible corn defaults and ways out

Mykola Gorbachev, President, Ukrainian Grain Association


• History of Ukrainian corn market: why the queen of fields took the fall this year?

Andrey Druzyaka, director, Grain Star International


• Defaults, losses, GAFTA arbitration and recovering payments in Ukraine. Assessment of legal risks of the current market situation

Ivan Kasynyuk, Partner and Attorney-at-law, AGA Partners


• Corn insurance: what experience will 2020 bring to us? (specific cases)

Konstantine Nidziev, deputy director of corporate business, PZU in Ukraine


• Global corn market trends from the point of view of floor trader. What is wrong with default and how stock exchange tools could minimize losses?

Ivan Cherevko, managing partner, Agromanagement

• Efficiency of risk hedging under the context of uncertainty: what could help traders and farmers?

Val Sigaev, Futures Broker and Risk Management Consultant, RJO’Brien


Section II. Panel discussion “Farmers vs Traders: why it is so difficult to reach compromise sometimes?!”

  • Who is in the right and who is with the law?
  • How to lower the tension and avoid reoccurrence?
  • Why forward failed? Do they have a future in Ukraine?
  • How often representatives of Ukrainian agribusiness use risk hedging tools and why?
  • Why some farmers still consider agricultural insurance as a way to profit off them?
  • What is the selling strategy of farmers and where is the roof of corn prices? How will it affect corn competitiveness?
  • Will we see the restriction of corn export or implementation of state regulation of prices? How will it impact the market?

Mykhailo Sokolov, Deputy Chairman, Ukrainian Agri Council

Andrey Bogdanets, member of parliament, Head of Deputative Agricultural Union

Tatyana Alaverdova Head of Sales, HarvEast

Roman Gorobets, CFO, FE Astra

Oleg Levchenko, Director of Physical Trading and Origination, ARIA Commodities

Elena Neroba, Business Development Manager, Maxigrain

Natalja Skuratovic, Key Account Manager, PETKUS Holding GmbH

Questions to speakers. Close of the conference

* Agenda is subject to change

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