Online conference "Corn-2020: Deal or default?!"
Nov 5, 2020

October export of Ukrainian corn exceeded average of last 9 years - APK-Inform




At the start of 2020/21 MY, export of Ukrainian corn is lower than expected, but higher than the average over the last 9 years, declared the head of the local markets department of APK-Inform, Anna Tanskaya within the online conference Corn-2020: deal or default?! on November 5.

“We expect October corn export at 2-2.5 mln tonnes. However, it turned to be impossible to reach such volume under the current conditions. We estimate October export of Ukrainian corn at about 1.8 mln tonnes. This exceeded the average monthly volume over the last 9 years (1.4 mln tonnes)”, - she pointed out.

The expert added that the current forecast of APK-Inform regarding the Ukrainian corn crop size is one of the highest.

“The main reason is that the operative data on corn harvest does not show the real picture. The lack of unbiased information keeps our forecast high. We see that the progress of the harvesting campaign will stabilize the market situation”, - A.Tanskaya supposed.
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