Online-conference "Durum wheat: trendy niche of 2020"
Jul 21, 2020

Grain Partners sponsored the online conference DURUM wheat: trendy niche of 2020




Grain Partners is a dynamically developing trading company with the focus on the international markets (Italy, Turkey, Germany, Poland, China) as well as one of the key players on the grain market of Kazakhstan. The company sponsored the online conference DURUM wheat: trendy niche of 2020 to be held by APK-Inform on July 21 on the ZOOM platform.

Grain Partners uses the innovative approach for trade activity that is based on the long-term partnership with Kazakh agricultural producers and foreign partners in the realization of the projects to distribute durum wheat varieties of Italian selection, malting barley of German selection and ultra-mature soybean of Kazakh selection.

Grain Partners has the possibility to conclude long-term contracts for supply of durum wheat (Kazakh and Italian selections), soft wheat (Hi-pro), flaxseed, rapeseed, barley, malting barley and organic agricultural crops.

The company has the experience and possibility to supply grain and oilseed crops by hoppers, covered train cars, containers on different basis (FCA/СРТ/DAP/FOB/CIF) and is ready to have the long-term cooperation with the new partners.

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