Online-conference "Durum wheat: trendy niche of 2020"
Jul 21, 2020

Ukraine decreases durum wheat export after the record of 2018




Durum wheat is a niche crop in Ukraine, thus, the export volumes are rather low. The record high export shipments was reached in 2018 – almost 57 thsd tonnes, declared the Head of Business project unit at APK-Inform Andriy Kupchenko within the online conference DURUM WHEAT: TRENDY NICHE OF 2020 on July 21.

“In 2019, Ukraine decreased the export of durum wheat to 17.7 thsd tonnes. In January-May of 2020, the country shipped only 3.2 thsd tonnes of the grain that might mean further decline of foreign supply of durum in 2020”, - he told.

The geography of Ukrainian durum export is chaotical.

“The key importers of Ukrainian durum wheat are not in the list of the leading global importers. There is a new main destination every year. Trade is based on demand and finding of partners in one or another country”, - A.Kupchenko explained.

Thus, Ukraine supplied 2.7 thsd tonnes of durum wheat to Malaysia, 0.3 thsd tonnes – to Poland and 0.2 thsd tonnes – to Philippines in 2020.


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