Online-conference "Durum wheat: trendy niche of 2020"
Jul 21, 2020

Kazakhstan to increase slightly durum wheat production – Grain Partners




The production of durum wheat could increase to 560 thsd tonnes in Kazakhstan in 2020, despite the tendency of planted area narrowing, declared trader of GrainPartners LLP, Ivan Malygin within the online conference DURUM WHEAT: TRENDY NICHE OF 2020 held by APK-Inform on July 21.

“In 2020, Kazakhstan reduced the areas under durum wheat to 400 thsd ha, mainly due to the narrowing of the area in North Kazakhstan Region. There were rains during the harvesting campaign in the region that affected significantly the grain quality and forced many producers to refuse from durum cultivation in favor of other profitable crops (flaxseed among other things). However, we expect the improvement of the yield that let farmers to increase the production of durum wheat”, - he explained.

The expert pointed out that the higher yield should be provided by precipitations during the planting campaign and forecasted July rains that will improve the conditions of the crop and let farmers to get at least 1.4 t/ha.

“If we have more rains, we will be able to raise the production forecast. But now, we expect the average crop, slightly higher than the year ago”, - I.Malygin added.

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