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Jul 21, 2020

Kazakh grain is of high quality this year – expert




Grain crop is of high quality in Kazakhstan in 2021, declared Gulmira Borsanova, Managing Director of development with Kazakh agrarian expertise LLC within Asia Grains&Oils Conference in Qazaqstan organized by APK-Inform on November 17-18.

“Our testing showed a high gluten (41%) and protein (19.5%) content. At the same time, a drought resulted in higher grain impurity and higher share of broken grain”, – she said.

The expert said that there was insignificant amount of sprouted grain. Falling number value is within a norm. The quality of barley is normal as well.

G. Borsanova said that Kazakhstan had harvested more than 16 mln tonnes of grain throughout 15.8 mln ha, including 11.8 mln tonnes of wheat.

“The drought in the key producing regions cut the yield of grain to 0.1 t/ha. Selection and improper agricultural technologies were harmful as well”, – she added.


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