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Jul 21, 2020

Ukraine not considering wheat export restrictions for now – Kachka




The government of Ukraine is not considering restrictions of wheat export now. However, they may address this issue later this season, if the export pace remains too fast, declared Taras Kachka, deputy minister for economy, Reuters informed.

Ukraine traditionally exports bulk of its wheat in the first half of the season before the export pace slows down sharply, when importers turn to other origins.

“The calendar of shipping is changing due to demand but we are not worried”, – said T. Kachka.

When the volume of wheat export will be close to the agreed limit volume for 2021/22 MY (25.3 mln tonnes), the government can start considering export limits “but Ukraine would prefer not to restrict exports”, – he said.

The government could allow to export extra 100-200 thsd tonnes and use public stocks before considering imposing export restrictions.

“But if the export pace remains the same, if 90% of the quota is exported by March for example, then we will need to go in daily discussions with traders. We want to be open to the highest possible level of exports but of course not at the cost of domestic consumption”, – Kachka said.


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