In 2017/18 MY, Ukraine not to face a deficit in the rye segment




According to APK-Inform analysts, in 2017/18 MY the planted areas of rye in Ukraine increased by almost 30 thsd ha, to 170 thsd ha, which will providing the production volumes at nearly 459 thsd tonnes. In turn, APK-Inform forecasted the domestic consumption of rye in Ukraine in the current season at 450 thsd tonnes. And taking into account the carry-over stocks of 175 thsd tonnes, Ukraine will completely manage to cover the figures.

In the period from 2013/14 MY to 2016/17 MY, the planted areas under rye in Ukraine decreased from 284 thsd ha to 143 thsd ha. And in the reporting period, the production volumes of rye decreased from 638 thsd tonnes, to 392 thsd tonnes, respectively. At the same time, in the reporting period the domestic consumption of rye decreased from 515 thsd tonnes in 2013/14 MY, to 430 thsd tonnes in 2016/17 MY. Taking into account the export volumes, which totaled 12 thsd tonnes only in 2016/17 MY, such situation caused the inevasible deficit of the rye total supply on the domestic market, and consequently, the bullish trend, as well as increased the demand for the imports of rye and rye flour of Belarusian origin.

You can become acquainted with features of the Ukrainian market of rye, buckwheat and its by-products, from APK-Inform article "Start of 2017/18 MY on the Ukrainian market of rye, buckwheat and by-products -  impact of the imports".

Also, the conference "Grain exports from Ukraine" provides more detailed information about development of the Ukrainian market of grains, which is held on November 2, 2017, in Kyiv.

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