Ukrainian grain traders have zero economic benefits of the EU quotas - UGA




The zero-tariff quotas provided to Ukraine for duty-free exports of grain crops to the European Union countries are extremely small, and their economic benefits are almost absent, declared the President at the Ukrainian Grain Association (UGA), Mykola Gorbachev.

According to him, Ukraine supplies 37% of its general grain production to the EU countries. And they provide really ridiculous quotas for such large-scale deliveries. For example, the quotas for corn supplies total 625 thsd tonnes. But Ukraine supplies nearly 5 mln tonnes of the grain on the EU market. Of course, duty-free 625 thsd tonnes of corn provide additional opportunities. But generally, it does not have any role the grain market. The economic benefits of the EU quotas are almost zero, M.Gorbachev explained.

The Head of UGA added that last season Ukraine exported nearly 30% of grains to North African countries, and nearly 30% - to Asian countries, including India and Indonesia.

You can receive more detailed information about the current situation on the Ukrainian grain market within frames of the conference "Grain exports from Ukraine", to be held in Kyiv (hotel Alfavito) on November 2, 2017.