Ukraine and Bangladesh demonstrate an upward trend in agricultural trading - expert




Despite the fact that Bangladesh comes to the TOP-10 of countries-importers Ukrainian wheat and other grains, and the trade turnover between both countries demonstrates an upward trend according to the State Statistics Service, trading operations with the country have somewhat bitter taste, declared the Director at Daniel Trading SA, Olena Neroba to APK-Inform journalists.

According to the expert, the level of corruption in Bangladesh sometimes surprises even well-experienced Ukrainian traders, and often gets worsened by the regional feature to delay payments for delivered products.

Also, the situation with establishment of letter of credit do not even save the trading operations, because it leads to growing of the costs, in terms of high competition rates. In addition, there were many incidents of unfair play with qualitative indices of the delivered products, especially vegetable oils. In the pursuit of competitive prices, such producers and suppliers not only adversely affect the reputation of Ukraine, but also create barriers for trading with the goods that meet all quality standards. In addition, there are some technical troubles, including rather shallow port waters and low unloading rates, which negatively affect the freight costs, specified O.Neroba.

Also, the expert noted that Bangladesh mainly imports Ukrainian forage crops, and traditionally purchases high-protein grains from India, Russia, Australia and Canada, for two reasons: first of all, it is geographical proximity, and secondly, the deficit of supply of milling grains from Ukraine.

Only in 2017/18 MY, the weather somewhat adjusted the traditional geography of grain purchases. However, Bangladesh still remains one of the priority countries for Ukraine. The constant population growth stimulates demand for milling and forage crops. Ukrainian producers and traders expect for stimulation of the further development of trade relations at the country level, although they make many attempts to enter new segments of the Bangladeshi market, either independently or with the support of various industrial associations, summarized O.Neroba.

You can become acquainted with trade prospects of Ukraine with major sales markets, as well as the main barriers against realization of the export potential in 2017/18 mg, from APK-Inform topic "One thousand and one problems of the Ukrainian export market of grains in 2017/18 MY" in the weekly issue Agrimarket Weekly #43 dd. October 30, 2017.

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