Ukraine keeps protein content in wheat and barley at the last year level - COTECNA




According to the quality analysis of Ukrainian grains of the harvest-2017, the protein content in wheat and barley almost varies at the last year level, declared a representative of Cotecna Ukraine, Elena Blashchuk during her report at the second conference "Grain exports from Ukraine" on November 2, in Kyiv.

According to the European quality standards, the level of protein in wheat of the harvest-2017 totals 12.03%, against 12.21% in the harvest-2016, barley – 10.51%, against 10.48% respectively.

However, the expert noted that in the current season in some cases the maximum figures of wheat protein content still increased in individual shipments.

According to the goods shipment statistics, in July-October period the qualitative indices of new crop wheat did not differ much compared with the last year figures, and satisfied the contract requirements, as well as the quality of barley, she explained.

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