Ukraine exported 10 mln tonnes of food during 5.5 months of war




Ukraine exported almost 10 mln tonnes of food products during 5.5 months of war, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine informed.

The country shipped almost 2 mln tonnes of grain over two weeks of August, while the export amounted to 3 mln tonnes in full month of July. In the first half of August, corn shipments reached 776 thsd tonnes, wheat – 339 thsd tonnes.

The corn export amounted to 3.849 mln tonnes over 5 months, down by 37% y/y.

The export of sunflower seed amounted to 1.357 mln tonnes, up by 99.4% y/y, while foreign supplies of sunflower oil decreased by 48% y/y to 935.731 thsd tonnes.

Ukraine exported 636.138 thsd tonnes of wheat over 5 months, or only 16% of the volume shipped in the same period of 2021. The barley export totaled 239.113 thsd tonnes, or only 17% of last year’s volume.

The soybean export increased from 301 thsd tonnes to 372.659 thsd tonnes. The shipments of soybean oil decreased by 20% y/y to 77.679 thsd tonnes.

Ukraine exported 403 thsd tonnes of oilseed meals, or only 22% of the last year’s volume.

In the overall structure of food exports, corn accounted for 48.9%, sunflower seed – 17.25%, sunflower oil – 11.89%, wheat –8.08%, meals – 5.13%, soybean – 4.73%, barley – 3.04%, soybean oil – 0.99%.

More than 3.5 mln tonnes of food were exported via ports, 3.119 mln tonnes by rails, 1.095 mln tones by roads and 95.5 thsd tonnes by ferries.