Ukraine exported 4.5 mln tonnes of agricultural products in August




In August, Ukraine exported 4.5 mln tonnes of grains, pulses, oilseeds and by-products, up by 66% compared to July, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine reported on September 3.

Corn continued to dominate the export of agricultural products. The export of corn increased by 700 thsd tonnes compared to July and amounted to 1.8 mln tonnes in August. For comparison, in August 2021, corn exports totaled only 300 thsd tonnes.

Wheat export increased by 488 thsd tonnes m/m to 899.627 thsd tonnes. It was 25% less than in August 2021.

Ukraine also exported 207 thsd tonnes of barley in August, up by 23 thsd tonnes m/m, and down by 1.5 mln tonnes y/y.

Ukrainian exporters 154 thsd tonnes of sunflower, down from 362 thsd tonnes in July. Shipments of meals increased from 141 thsd tonnes to 286 thsd tonnes m/m, it was also 102 thsd tonnes more compared to August 2021.

The export of sunflower oil grew only by 8.56% to 391 thsd tonnes in August. At the same time, it was up by 52% y/y.

Shipments of rapeseed increased by 6 times to about 624 thsd tonnes compared to 91 thsd tonnes in July. Last year, the volumes was 782 thsd tonnes.

Shipments of soybeans declined by 13 thsd tonnes to 128.369 thsd tonnes in August, that was 4 times less than in August last year. The export of soybean oil increased by 7 thsd tonnes to 22.4 thsd tonnes. This is also almost 3 thsd tonnes more than what was shipped to foreign buyers in August last year.

Generally, corn accounted for 40.56% of Ukrainian agricultural exports in August, wheat – 19.27%, sunflower – 3.37%, sunflower oil – 8.56%, meals – 6.27%, barley – 4.53%, soybean – 2.81%, soybean oil – 0.49%.

2.9 mln tonnes of products were exported by ports, 959 thsd tonnes by rail, 625 thsd tonnes by roads and 42 thsd tonnes of ferries.