Corn, wheat formed core of Ukrainian agricultural export in September




Corn remained the core of Ukrainian agricultural export in September. The grain shipments amounted to 2.3 mln tonnes due to heavy stocks of previous year harvest, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy informed on October 4.

Wheat export totaled 2 mln tonnes in September, up from 1.2 mln tonnes in August, but down by 57% compared to September 2021. Since the beginning of the war, Ukraine has exported almost 8 mln tonnes of corn, 3.4 mln tonnes of wheat.

Rapeseed export amounted to 887 thsd tonnes, up by 42.4% m/m and up by 1% y/y.

Sunflower oil shipments increased by 46% m/m to 569 thsd tonnes. It is 2 times more than exported in September 2021.

Ukraine exported 397 thsd tonnes of barley, up by 190 thsd tonnes m/m, but down by almost 600 thsd tonnes y/y.

Shipments of meals grew to 391 thsd tonnes from 286 thsd tonnes in August. Soybean export doubled to 240 thsd tonnes in September.

Generally, in the overall structure of agricultural export in September, corn accounted for 32.9%, wheat – 27.76%, sunflower seed – 2.96%, sunflower oil – 8.25%, meals –5.69%, barley – 5.79%, rapeseed – 12.77%, soybean – 3.5%, soybean oil – 0.37%.

Since the beginning of the war, Ukraine exported 7.9 mln tonnes of corn (41.04% in the overall structure), 3.4 mln tonnes of wheat (17.75%), 1.7 mln tonnes of sunflower seed (8.84%), 1.9 mln tonnes of sunflower oil (9.76%), 1.6 mln tonnes of rapeseed (8.21%), 1.08 mln tones of meals (5.57%)m 741 thsd tonnes of soybean (3.82%), 843 thsd tonnes of barley (4.35%), 126 thsd tonnes of soybean oil (0.65%).